Our First Two Years

    November of 2015 marked our two year anniversary of being in Dresden Germany, and as of January, 2016, we have officially ended the “opening phase” of our ministry here. We had a wonderful time visiting many of you in the Napa area over Christmas and New Years, and to all those in the Springfield area or around the country, we are sorry we weren't able to make it there this time. For all those who we were not able to talk with, we'd love to share an overview of what we have been up to these past two years, how God has lead and guided us in this time, and what our plans are for the coming years. And, if you'd like to get even more info, just let us know and we can send your our full two-year report. It has been a whirlwind couple of years, but we can say without a doubt that Dresden is now our home! We love the city; we love the people we’ve been able to meet and work with; and we feel more strongly than ever that this is a place where God wants us and can use us!

    As you probably know, when we arrived in Dresden, we started working with an established church that has been here in Dresden for over 100 years. Forum Hoffnung - or, "Forum of Hope" - has turned out to be a wonderful place for us to grow and learn. Over the past two years, we've been able to gradually take on more responsibility as we become more comfortable with the language and culture. We've been involved in the music ministry, youth group, summer camps, parent-baby groups, and just the general life of the church, and we have made so many great friendships here. When we came to Dresden, we knew that wanted to stay here long-term, and that our ultimate goal after the first two years was to branch out from the existing church and reach new parts of the city and population. We’ve always known that we want to do this work with a team of people, so throughout these past two years, we’ve kept our eyes and ears open for what people and opportunities God might bring into our lives. Through this process of exploring what God might have for us for the future of our ministry, we and our leaders at Kontaktmission have come to the decision to stay in the Forum Hoffnung church as members. This will be our “church home,” but we will be pulling back from much of the leadership of church-specific activities and focusing our efforts on new areas outside of the church, such as...

Work with Refugees

    News of the refugee crisis in Syria and throughout the Middle East has reached around the world. The numbers are hard to pin down, of course, and we have not heard an official word yet on the final status for the year 2015, but as of November, about 900,000 refugees had come to Germany in 2015, with 500,000 coming just in the months of September through November. No matter what one makes of this incredibly complex political situation, the fact is, the people are already here, and they will continue coming in the same or even greater numbers for the foreseeable future, and it is absolutely our duty and privilege as Christians to be a friend to our neighbors in need. We feel very strongly that part of why God has placed us here is to help meet these needs.
    Elyse has already been involved in some large projects with a camp outside of Dresden. She and her group of international ladies heard about a camp that had a lot of families and young children and few volunteers or staff from the Red Cross. They decided to put together some care packages for the families — boxes with blankets, toys, crayons, flashlights, backpacks for the older kids, etc. One of the ladies decided to ask the local IKEA if they would donate some cardboard boxes. Instead, they donated nice big plastic boxes and €3,000 worth of IKEA products to fill them! The Dr. Bronner soap company has also been very generous in donating items and offering to pay for medical care for all the expectant mothers in the camp!
    The ladies also helped to set up a special women's center at the camp, and hope to keep doing similar projects at other camps in town. These projects have all been through the international ladies group, but there are many different opportunities and a variety of ways we can help in the future. For about a month, Ryan has been going to a camp to teach guitar and drum lessons to kids and young people there. There's a chance to teach free German lessons to the refugees to give them a jump start on what they will eventually have to learn in order to make a life in Germany. There is a camp opening up close to the church sometime this year, and another one opening very soon on the grounds of a Christian school. Members of our church will be involved in helping at these camps, providing entertainment for the kids, programs for the adults, and basically anything we or they might think of. We will continue to explore ways that we can be more involved with the refugees, to work alongside both our church and the greater community in the city, to meet the needs of these refugees and to show them God’s love. Thank you thank you to all those who have donated specifically to help the refugees in need!!

...and Café Ministry

"A30" Café

    Since before we moved to Germany, one vision we’ve had was to open or be involved with a Cafe ministry. What if church could be held in a more neutral, third space, where people can more easily come and go? A place where conversation between people of different faiths and backgrounds can be encouraged. A place where music, arts, coffee, and food can draw people in and create an atmosphere where relationships can be made and deepened. As it turns out, there is already such a Cafe project in Dresden! The place is called “A30,” named after it’s address, Alaunstraße 30, and the location is right on one of the busiest streets in the New Town part of Dresden. There are already a lot of different events happening throughout the month, like open mic nights, literature readings, Sunday brunch, and concerts. We’ve already been able to be a part of prayer meetings, planning and vision sessions, a little renovation, and also a few of the events, but we’re really excited to have more time this year to invest into this project. It’s a wonderful space, and an inspiring group of people who are already well on their way to establishing something great. As we write this, there are some open questions about whether or not the current group will be able to continue renting the space, but even if that falls through, there are still opportunities with this group in a new location or possibly with the new renters coming in, so that's definitely something to pray about!

Waiting for baby...

    Of course, the main thing at the very front of our minds at the moment is, when is this baby going to come?!? It's the evening of March 15th as we write this, and so far, no major signs of the baby coming any time soon. But, we are less than a week away from the due date, so anything could happen! We are so excited to be able to welcome this new little guy into the world soon. And Oliver is very excited to meet his little brother too!! We appreciate all your prayers for Elyse, for the birth, and for our whole family as we prepare for this big change!! Thanks for reading!

Spring and Summer Update!

The last few months have been nothing short of extremely busy! Is summer break time in Germany (well, for a little while longer at least) but we haven’t been taking many breaks! Here’s a bit of an update on what we have been up to out here in our wonderful city, Dresden!

The spring was full of fun events. We had a few visitors come stay with us, Elyse attended her first birth as a doula, Ryan preached another sermon, and we started to really think about what our plans for the future might look like once we’re done with our two year stay with Forum Hoffnung. We have met a few people who have really shown us that the doors are wide open for other ministry possibilities in the city. We had many ideas floating around but no real clear idea of what God was leading us to.

Early summer was celebration time with Elyse’s birthday and Father’s Day both in June. This time was also a time of us really being needed by some friends going through hard times. This was draining at times, but we were glad to see the love of God being able to shine though us to our friends who were hurting. There were also many worship band practices, some garden house meals with friends, and lots of jazz choir rehearsals for Elyse as her group had their first public performance in early July.

The rest of the summer was pretty crazy for us! One of Elyse’s good friends here got married a few weeks ago and asked Elyse to be the photographer! This was a HUGE deal for Elyse since she had never shot a wedding before. It was a long day and night of working but overall a great experience. Through the wedding celebrations we were able to finally witness and participate in some wonderful German wedding traditions that we had never done before! Elyse was also able to attend her second birth as a doula in July! Her jazz choir performance went great but she didn’t really get a break from singing in a choir after her jazz choir took a break for the summer, because right away she joined a community gospel choir to perform at our city wide festival! We also celebrated 7 years of marriage in July! 

So here we are in August. Ryan has been a camp counselor at high school church camp all week and should be getting home now anytime. Thanks for all the prayers from those of you who knew that Ryan was going to be gone all week while Elyse stayed home alone with Oliver. Everything went well and Elyse’s mom actually arrived Aug. 13 and is staying for 10 days!! We have some fun trips planned with her over the next week and she sure has been getting in her fair share of Ollie Time! 

We have some other important ministry updates to share with you, but those probably require their own post. We’ll keep you updated! And in the mean time, thank you for your continuous support, thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate all of you so much!

Note from Elyse: Hey all! This post was actually written a week ago but just now posted. The summer break is now officially over as of yesterday. My mom's visit here was SO much fun and such a great time for all of us. :-)

Forum Hoffnung

We are so excited to report that our church here in Dresden has finally moved to our new location! This process has been underway for years - long before we arrived here. They've already owned the new building for awhile, and had used it at one point for offices, for the youth group, and for a few other events. But, this past spring, they were finally able to finalize agreements with the contractors and start the work of completely remodeling the building. The old place - which is marked here on this first map - was built by the church during the time of communism in the GDR.


It was a great building, but was just not large enough for the church anymore, especially in terms of the classroom space available for kids on Sundays and for other events during the week. What's great is that the building was sold to a Korean church that had already been sharing the space. Now, instead of renting it for a few hours a week, they can use it full time, and the building is still being used for the purpose it was built for - as a place of worship!

The Last Sunday in the Old Building. If you look closely, you can see the minister, Waldemar, handing over the keys to the Korean pastor. Well, the giant symbolic key, that is!

The new building - shown on this map - is a few miles away, in another part of the city with a quite different demographics, economically, socially, etc. So, it's an exciting opportunity for the church to reach out to a whole new group of people. We didn't plan this out exactly, but it worked out nicely that our apartment is pretty much right between the two places. We used to take a quick bus ride or walk about 15 minutes to church. Now, it's about a ten minute tram ride in the opposite direction!


The building where we are now used to be a factory/workshop kind of a place, and it needed to be completely remodeled and updated in order to be used by the church. Here's a couple shots of the inside, and the outside right after the remodeling had begun.

The Auditorium

View from the Outside. The Auditorium is on the far right, with the main entrance in the middle where the scaffolding is, and the classroom space to the left.

Outside the Auditorium

Contractors were brought in for a lot of the major work, but the church did a lot themselves too, especially things like the initial demolition of inner walls, painting and prep for painting, and a lot of the electrical and heating work.

Tearing out walls in the youth group Room

The office hallway

The almost finished Foyer

The youth group room in the middle stages

Classroom Hallway- almost finished

The World Cup took place this summer, and it's really popular here in Germany for people to get together and watch the games. Even though the space wasn't done, the church decided to set up a projector, invite the neighborhood, and show the Germany games at the church!

Go Deutschland!

The renovation was (mostly) completed, and we had our first Sunday in the new building on December 14th. We've been meeting in the new building since then, but just had our official dedication and opening service on February 1st. The place was packed!! Lots of visitors came, some invited special were there as representatives of the city and of the church denomination. It was a full day of celebrating, with a special worship service, a big lunch, a choir concert, coffee and cake, and as part of the kids program, we launched helium balloons out into the city with invitations for the next Sunday!

Balloon Launch

First Sunday in the New Auditorium

This is Saxon dialect/slang - it means "Ready!" or "Finished!"

The finished youth Group Room - Well, needs furniture, but the remodel is finished here!

The church's name used to be "B19," which was a nickname based on the location - Bergmannstraße 19. Since we're not there anymore, we also needed a new name. The church is now called "Forum Hoffnung" - Forum of Hope. We think it's a great name, and a great challenge to the church as well, to be a place of hope for the people of Dresden! We're so excited to be in the new building and thankful to God for everything He has provided to make this happen!